Are you a foreigner investing in Prague in real estate business? Or are you an expat living in Prague looking for a new home? Do you need a mortgage? Welcome to our site dedicated to the mortgage services in Prague.

Prague: 18 banks, 522 branches

Prague is full of bank branches! There are 18 banks in the Czech Republic from which about 12 are providing mortgages. It is not easy for an individual to understand the methodology of each of them: each bank has different conditions in providing mortgage loan, especially when the applicant is a foreigner. Or better: banks usually evaluate similar criterias, but their approach to the results is quite different.

Mortgage loan in two weeks

Our experienced team of mortgage brokers will assist you to obtain mortgage loan as soon as possible. We have licences of all the mortgages banks, so we can choose the optimal mortgage product which suits best your possibilities and needs. We offer the lowest interest rates since we are one of the biggest mortgage brokers in the Czech Republic with thousands mortgages provided every year.

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